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These ventures have already launched and are on their way to orbit:

We are constantly researching, experimenting, and validating new solutions to complex societal challenges. We’re never working on these alone: we always take a partner (or two) in hand. Our partner(s) approaches us with a challenge, which we then face together in a playful working process, to work towards a playful solution. Not everything we create will immediately be ready to become a venture. Sometimes, it’s not the right time, or we haven’t found the right market yet. That doesn’t mean we haven’t learned worthwhile insights though… On the contrary! We take these lessons with us, carefully put under our arms, in all our future activities.

Ventures up for adoption

The below list is a collection of ventures that are ready for adoption. They are looking at you with the cutest puppy eyes… Are you the right person to adopt them? Contact Jurriaan, our adoption manager, if one of these has caught your eye: or +31 6 811 505 78.

Whappbot: Our own platform for sympathetic conversations

Games for Health has developed the Whappbot platform, which we use to get in touch with users in a casual, empathetic way. Carefully designed conversations lead to higher engagement and higher quality answers than traditional surveys (source). Whappbot was developed with a strong ‘privacy by design’ foundation and enables us to build prototypes quickly, as well as utilize the platform in scalable solutions.

Whappbot is already being used in many of our products, including the Post-ICU and Budiyu ventures. The following questionnaires can easily be realized:

  • Survey: a research tool for all kinds of topics
  • Discomfort meter: visualizes the burden of a disease
  • Mood meter: measures people’s feelings and happiness
  • PREM: measures patient experience
  • PROM: measures patient outcomes
  • InterviewR: asynchronous video interviews
  • CSAT: measures customer satisfaction
  • ESS: measures employee satisfaction
  • ROM Survey: routine outcome monitoring, the effective way