ROM Survey

The journey to find yourself… the friendly way

How are you? How are you feeling now? After a treatment is over, it’s time for recovery and to evaluate the effects of the treatment. ROM questionnaires are the usual method for measuring this. Unfortunately, these surveys are often time-consuming and demotivating, because a patient has to respond to the same questions over and over again, without any feedback. Our ROM Survey does the same job but in a sympathetic, approachable and friendly way: in a conversation.

This is how it works

Our ROM Survey is a friendly virtual assistant to the practitioner. It gives patients more insight and control over their own recovery journey. The virtual assistent runs through the queries that would be in the classis ROM questionnaire but in a friendly chat. The dialogue format engages the patient more than a regular ROM survey could. Furthermore, our ROM Survey features a clear and easily comprehensible dashboard, providing both parties continuous feedback. This allows patients to see for themselves where they stand in relation to the current stage of recovery or, if desired, in relation to others.

Daily response to the question “how do you feel?” allows patients to keep a diary where they can express their feelings freely. The diary can later provide insight into the moments when the patient feels good and the times they feel less well. Finally, Rom Survey helps patients relax when they need it. The virtual assistent offers breathing exercises and there is a listen line linked to the app. Patients can call this line with one push on a button, and then unburden their heart.


  • ROM survey

Used by

  • Mental health institutions and practitioners
  • Health insurance


  • iOS/Android
  • Smartphone, Tablet, PC, TV


  • Easy accessible and more emphatic than the usual ROM questionnaire
  • Gives clients insight and control over their own experience and treatment
  • Smart and understandable dashboards for both clients and practitioner
  • Increases the response
  • Reduces socially desirable answers
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Available in every language
  • Questions are easy to adjust
  • Data output in usual formats

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