Our lab designs and scientifically proofs playful principles

Serious games made an enormous evolution the last decennium. Participants at the first Games for Health Europe conference in 2010 were predominantly young, enthusiastic creative designers, while on the other hand only a limited number of participants originated from the medical and business world. About ten years later the balance has tipped toward scientists from several disciplines, like behavior, society, health and wellbeing and the environment. One could say that playful applications made their way in science, e.g. for acceleration of research (citizen science & big data) or to speed up transformation by way of behavioral change of individuals and peoples. Playful interactions are increasingly applied and investigated for efficacy related to prevention and therapy adherence. 

Our expertise in playful applications is increasingly appreciated by researchers and scientists. They easy find their way to us. That’s why we got involved in several major international and national research projects. And more is in the pipeline. 

An overview of the current projects can be found here.

We are open for every researcher and scientist to cooperate in beautiful projects to give 1 billion people a happy life.