Employee Satisfaction Survey

Researches employee happiness

We now know for sure that happy employees in strong teams provide excellent services and have satisfied customers. But how do you facilitate happiness at work? How do you give employees and teams control over their happiness? Our ESS renews direction in this among employees and teams by talking in a fun way to them about happiness at work.

This is how it works

Our ESS is an app that employees can use on their phones, and it talks to employees about satisfaction and happiness at work. In a friendly way, a virtual assistant poses questions relevant to the organization, e.g. the following: “What do you need to derive energy from your work?” And “How is your work-life balance experience?” The app continues in a smart way, following on with questions such as these: What role can the organization play in this?” And more importantly “What can you contribute to it?” The following week the employee receives feedback, with questions such as these: “What do you think gives your colleagues the most energy and motivation in their work?” Or “Many colleagues say that setting boundaries is difficult. What tip would you give them on that? “

And every day, the ESS asks “How are you feeling today?” And “Would you like to share the reason why you feel this way?” This provides insight into what makes people happy but also covers what makes them less content or satisfied. So this ESS becomes a friendly ear for employees to let go and express how they really feel. It provides the organization with highly relevant feedback, while motivating employees to think about what they could do to improve their happiness at work.

Smart and comprehensible dashboards offer immediate feedback at employee and team level. For the employee, this offers an understanding of ways to organize work to achieve the most happiness in the job. Entering into a discussion about the results at team level offers an opportunity to discuss any issues. The combination of all these factors gives employees more control and makes them happier at work. And that’s what it’s all about!


  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Employees Happiness research
  • Intervention for happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.

Used by

  • Any organization that wants to increase the happiness and satisfaction of its employees
  • Any organization that wants to conduct research into the happiness and satisfaction of its employees


  • iOS / Android
  • Smartphone, Tablet, PC, TV


  • Accessible and fun
  • Increases the response
  • Makes employees think proactively about what they can do for their own workhappiness
  • Reduced socially desirable answers
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Available in every language
  • Questions are easy to adjust
  • Data output in usual formats

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