Research through a fun dialogue

Who doesn’t hate surveys and questionnaires? Increasingly fewer people complete them, and yet doing thorough research is becoming increasingly important. But what if you could ask the questions in the form of a conversation? Imagine a conversation in which questions can be put in video or audio format. Suppose it could be a situation in which you can compare your responses with those of others through smart dashboards. With Surver, you replace standard questionnaires with a fun and educational experience.

This is how it works

Survey is a research tool in which a virtual researcher starts a conversation with respondents about all kinds of conceivable topics without it feeling like a mandatory questionnaire or a lengthy survey. You start the tool through a link in an SMS or Whatsapp message or by scanning a QR code on a flyer or poster. The virtual assistant starts the conversation, depending on the subject and the form, using video, audio or text. There is no boring questionnaire requiring completion, no standard questions that you have to tick, and you simply have a friendly conversation instead. The opportunity for ongoing questions and the varied ways in which the queries are put makes the answers more natural and less socially desirable.

And it is not only the researchers who learn from the conversation, the participants learn quite a lot about themselves too. This methodology offers the possibility to add quiz questions that are tailored to the participant. Examples of questions include: “How many glasses of beer do you think an average man or woman of your age drinks?” A reaction to your response will immediately teach you, as a participant, something about your own situation. And the smart dashboards offer the opportunity to compare your data with that of others. Perhaps you thought you were drinking a lot but in practice it actually turned out to be quite reasonable, or vice versa. In any case, it makes every questionnaire a fun and natural experience and that increases response.


  • Employee investigation
  • Population screening
  • Marketing research
  • Consumer research
  • Panel research
  • Survey research

Used by

  • Any organization that conducts research using questionnaires, surveys or assessments


  • Suitable for any type of questionnaire, survey or assessment
  • Easy to make your own survey
  • Data and insights immediately available
  • Collective and individual data analysis
  • Measurement of status quo
  • Measurement of the effect of a change process when questions are repeated
  • Mutual comparison of players’ outcomes is possible
  • Can be performed in all languages
  • For B2B and for B2C
  • Layout in your own style

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