Makes a video interview with you

What are the things that you actually like? What in particular gives you motivation and energy in your work? What does our brand mean to you? Employees and potential or current customers respond better to questions like this in a conversation than they do in writing or by checking boxes in a survey. InterviewR starts a discussion with your customers or employees about these important questions.

This is how it works

Using the interviewR application on a smartphone, tablet or laptop organization can pose open questions, in a video interview format, to customers or employees. The user sees an interviewer asking him or her a pre-recorded question. The user then offers his or her response, which is also captured in video format by the front end camera of the phone, tablet or laptop.

Recording a video offers an accessible way for people to answer questions. A conversation recorded with InterviewR gives a complete picture of a person quickly, and it offers a wealth of information, because a video clip also shows emotions and nuances of body language. This allows the viewer to empathize and get a deeper sense of the interviewee. In this way, organizations can start discussions with many different types of people in a personal and informal way, and can use the results to gain deeper insights. For example, they can learn how to improve products or services, customer or employee satisfaction, or to map customer journeys.

Compiling the questions and answers and sharing them with the interviewee after the session is complete creates a unique and personal interview. This feeling is of course reinforced even more if your organization has the questions posed by a national celebrity.

You can save the full interview in the client or personnel file, so that it is available for review at any time. The videos can also be converted into text and subjected to analysis using AI. This allows you to pose open questions to literally all your customers or prospective ones and to gain a broad range of insight by doing so.


  • Intake
  • Job application
  • Customer journey
  • Quality studies
  • Welfare surveys

Used by

  • Healthcare and welfare organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • HR
  • Marketing and advertisements


  • Quick and easy to use
  • The questions can be answered at any time
  • An accessible way of doing research, i.e. accessible to low-literate people
  • Data can be used individually and collectively
  • Available in every language
  • Questions are easy to adjust


  • iOS/Android app

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