Researches customer satisfaction in a customer friendly way

“What did you think of the duration of the commute?” “Did you get enough information?” “Is there anything you think we need to know?” Increasing numbers of organizations want to measure their customers’ satisfaction with their products and services. But questionnaires are no longer the best way to do this. Customers are fed up with questionnaires and will only respond if they are extremely positive or negative about something. This excludes the opinions of the middle bracket, and that is precisely the customer information that your company would like to have. That is where our CSAT comes in. She is a virtual assistant who starts a conversation with the customer, translating a customer satisfaction study into an experience that fits well with a product or service.

This is how it works

Our CSAT transforms a customer satisfaction questionnaire into a friendly dialogue. Customers can start a conversation in several ways: by scanning a QR code on a flyer, poster or an actual product, e.g. a plaster, or by using a link in an SMS or WhatsApp message. Our CSAT asks you for your thoughts about the services offered. She lends an understanding ear if the customer had a negative experience and, of course, she is always happy to receive compliments. On occasions, she will offer tips on how to use the product. And she can also collect valuable aftersales feedback on factors such as usage, because she continues to follow the customer’s opinion over the longer term. Customers feel that their opinion is valued, and they are more likely to provide valuable feedback. Smart dashboards allow customers to compare their user experiences with that of other customers and thus make theirs even better. In fact, our CSAT transforms a customer satisfaction survey into a natural part of the customer journey.


  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Used by

  • Any organization that wants to conduct research into the satisfaction of its customers


  • iOS / Android
  • Smartphone, Tablet, PC, TV


  • Accessible and fun
  • Increases the response
  • Reduced socially desirable answers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Long-term feedback instead of a snapshot
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Available in every language
  • Questions and content are easy to adjust
  • Data output in usual formats

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