Mood Meter

Measures feelings and happiness of people

How are you feeling today? How happy are you? If you have the opportunity to ask this question very frequently and get an answer, it provides unique insight into people’s feelings and happiness. And that is exactly what Mood Meter is: a mood meter that serves as a finger on the pulse of an organization.

This is how it works

Organizations use the Mood Meter app to ask their customers, clients or employees a question at desired timings: how do you feel today? Or: how happy are you? This is a question you have to consider for a moment and forces you to think about your own feelings and emotions. A participant can answer this question as often as he or she wants. In practice, we do not only see one or two responses to the question. When a person wants to share their feelings they do it over and again. Being able to answer this basically complex question about your feelings with a simple smiley, optionally supplemented with a little personal information, removes any threshold that could cause you to hesitate and dwell on your feelings before providing a real answer to the question.

This produces continuous mood monitoring that shows fluctuations, highs and lows, and that provides insight into the general feelings of the person responding. This offers an easily accessible method of gaining insight into the issues at stake. Showing the things that employees currently find important or how customers see things, and what they desire or feel.

MeetR is available in two versions: a Kiosk Mood Meter version that can be installed at various high-traffic locations in buildings or public spaces and a Smart Mood Meter version for smartphones or individual tablets.


  • Mood Meter is currently being used by companies in business and retail services, banks and insurers. Its also used in hospitals, care and health centres to add a practical use to waiting rooms
  • The collection, aggregation and analysis are offered periodically in a specially designed report
  • Mood Meter is used by companies involved in business / private services such as banks and insurance companies
  • Mood Meter is also used in hospitals, care and health centers for evaluation purposes. ie in waiting rooms.


  • iOS/Android app & Kiosk version


  • Anonymous
  • Monitor of feelings and happiness
  • Questions are easy to adjust
  • Quick and easy to use in every language
  • Accessible for low-literate or elderly people
  • Collective data analysis

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