Measure the outcome of care in a patient friendly way

When a doctor or practitioner declares a course of treatment complete, the real work often begins for the patient, i.e. a recovery period during which we see whether the treatment was successful or not. It is equally important for the patient (or ex-patient) and the doctors and practitioners involved to know about the progress of the recovery and thus whether the treatment has achieved the desired result. “Better?!” enquires about the result in an easily accessible and sympathetic manner.

This is how it works

“Better?!” is a virtual assistant that works in an app to pose questions about the recovery and the result of the treatment. These are validated questionnaires based on Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM), which measure the patient’s perception of his or her recovery, but they are implemented in a sympathetic, smarter and friendlier form.

You start the tool through a link in an SMS or WhatsApp message or by scanning a QR code on a flyer or poster. The virtual assistant starts the conversation, using video, audio or text, depending on the subject and form, and responds to the answers you provide. Where the current PROM survey merely produces a snapshot, “Better?!” continues the enquiry over a longer period. Regularly enquiring about how things are going for the patient, offers health care practitioners additional insight into the long-term effects of the treatment. Additionally, the patient gains insight into his or her progress. A clear overview of how you have been feeling recently allows you to see whether your situation has really improved or whether some complaints recurred.

So “Better?!” is not a regular questionnaire; it is a conversation partner offering a friendly ear and offering feedback on your responses. The app offers an opportunity to discuss the actual results of the treatment. “Better?!” is always available later in case anything else comes to mind. And the app provides therapists and doctors the feedback they need for continued improvement in the quality of care and healing.


  • Patient Reported Outcome measure

Used by

  • Hospitals
  • GPs
  • Other practitioners
  • Contracted research
  • Health insurance


  • iOS / Android
  • Smartphone, Tablet, PC, TV


  • Accessible
  • Increases the response
  • Reduces socially desirable answers
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Available in every language
  • Questions are easy to adjust
  • Data output in usual formats

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