Time for a Break!

The PowerBreak app

Whether you’re studying, work for a living, keep your household in order, or volunteer at a regular basis: you can only keep it up for the long term when you take regular breaks. A short break that lasts only a few minutes is already helpful for regaining your focus and energy. And did you know that taking short breaks regularly helps to keep your creativity flowing? PowerBreak is an app that helps you to take short breaks and get to know others in the process.

PowerBreak is played together with others. When you open the app, you can indicate that you need a PowerBreak. The other people in your group will be notified, and you can choose whether to participate in this Break or not. Then, everyone who wants to join the PowerBreak gathers at a pre-arranged location. Let the PowerBreak commence!

What the PowerBreak app looks like. Let them know whether you’re in, choose your location, and let the PowerBreak commence!

A game lasts for 3 minutes. During these 3 minutes, you and your fellow players will get different puzzles that you can only solve by working together. This makes for a fun experience together in which you can get to know each other better. And are you a smoker, but would like to quit? Then PowerBreak is a great healthy substitute for your smoking breaks. We bet you won’t find a more fun, social and healthy alternative for your smoke breaks (except maybe a game of Foosball)!

Powerbreak app logo


  • Developed for Dutch health insurer Menzis
  • An engaging mixture of digital and physical game elements
  • A great alternative for smoking breaks
  • A social Break, meaning it can only be played with others
  • Sector
  • Type
  • Platform
  • Goal
    Short relaxation to regain focus and creativity. Also a social and healthy alternative to smoking breaks.
  • Target audience
    Employees, people who want to quit smoking
  • Keywords

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