Helps people remember their medication


After some time with a chronic condition, people often forget to take their medication. You get used to everything after a while, even a long-term illness. This leads to you taking those ever-so-important medicines increasingly on autopilot, without thinking and with the inherent risk of forgetting them completely Medi & Cate offers fun and stimulating games for a tablet or smartphone, which are linked to the medication you need to take. During play, the app reminds the player to take his or her medicines.

This is how it works

Medi & Cate comprises a collection of games for the player’s selection. The assignment is simple: join others to help break a variety of world records. The more people participating, the faster the records are broken. There are numerous records to be broken, from crossword and Tangram to Sudoku puzzles, and that provides lasting motivation to keep going.

When the player feels like playing, he or she simply scans the barcode on the medicine package to access the game world. The player then chooses a world record to break and starts playing. The scanned barcode allows Medi & Cate to remind the player the he or she needs to take a certain medication. As a result, players do not have to worry about the duration of play or being drawn so far into the gaming world that they will forget their medication.

Medi & Cate is more than just a medication reminder. Players also train their brains during play. And Medi & Cate connects people. The chat function in Medi & Cate stimulates mutual contact, which expands the players’ social network in playful way. This is a great way to combat patients’ social isolation. Medi & Cate offers people a fun game environment with something for everyone, including games from the past. And how much better can it be than to have fun in a game and forget about time without missing your medication?

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