Smart support in treatment procedures

Healthy Bones

In the Netherlands, 800.000 people suffer from osteoporosis and an increased risk for fractures. It is expected that this number will greatly increase in the coming years. However, the healthcare for osteoporosis is reactive and of variable quality, if there is even any treatment at all. This is a serious problem, because patients would benefit from finding the right treatment together with their doctor as soon as possible. GUIDE is a solution that facilitates this. 

Healthy Bones is a broad health program that reduces the chance of fractures due to osteoporosis by making the care process easier and more efficient. Patients that would have remained under the radar can now be found sooner. Furthermore, the app invites patients to become more involved in their own care process. By profiling at an early stage, making decisions together and using one method for all involved disciplines, the patient receives the right care in the right place. The patient is also supported and monitored at home through e-health and lifestyle interventions.

The result? A reduction of fractures of 21% per year after implementing the GUIDE – Healthy Bones tool (source).


  • An e-health app for patients that provides a recent overview of their situation
  • Enables faster reactions to changes in the disease and serves as a coach to change the patient’s lifestyle, such as eating calcium-rich food and physical exercises
  • Artificial intelligence helps to predict and prevent fractures
  • Sector
  • Type
    Primary and secondary care
  • Platform
    Android / iOS
  • Goal
    Triage and risk assessment on osteoporosis
  • Target audience
    Women age 50+ who weigh less than 65 kg
  • Keywords

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