The Floor is Lava

City in Action

See how the game works! (video in Dutch)

Ah, the good old times, when youngsters would be a member of the same (scouting) association for years… That’s quite different now, when outdoor activities have to compete with computers and (smart)phones. These clubs seem to have become a lot less interesting for kids, so how do we still challenge and motivate them to stay physically active? That was the question that the municipality of Den Bosch asked us for their project ‘City in Action’. Our answer: by introducing something challenging that they can do with their friends in their own time. Something that is so much fun that you will hardly notice how actively you are moving. 

The Floor is Lava is a sporty game that can be played anywhere you want, powered by augmented reality. What you need in order to play is simple: a phone, markers (that work just like QR codes), a team captain and players. The Floor is Lava challenges people to create their own (digital) obstacles in a landscape that players need to navigate in a certain way to successfully complete the trial. The team makes up their own rules: where to start, where the obstacles are and how you should navigate these obstacles. Hilarious footage guaranteed! 


  • Combination of playing with your app and markers on the floor
  • Developed for ‘City in Action’ in Den Bosch, but playable all over the world
  • Motivates youth to get moving in a fun way
  • Sector
    Healthcare, sports
  • Type
    App & Physical
  • Platform
    Android / iOS / Physical
  • Goal
    Get youth moving in a playful way
  • Target audience
  • Keywords

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