Match It

Brings people together

It is not always easy to meet other people. How do you connect? Who do you reach out to? What is the chance that you will actually meet someone who enjoys the same things as you? How often do you sit next to someone without talking, never knowing how much you actually share? Match It connects people, based on their shared interests.

This is how it works

Match It is an app for playing with another player who you do not know yet. The player you do not know might simply be someone you’ve seen many times before but have never actually talked to or someone else entirely. The app randomly connects you and your potential new friend. You are both offered the same two options each time. You choose the one that suits you best, independently. After each choice, you can see if your opponent has opted for the same. Did you both pick the beach? If so, you have a match! But how about if you chose the beach and the other player decides on the forest?

No problem, there will be plenty of other questions and choices to allow finding common ground. And perhaps it could be nice to meet someone with totally different interests. Playing the game allows you both to get to know each other better.

After playing, you can choose to meet each other in real life. That meeting is relaxed and pleasant instead of a nerve-racking experience, because you have already got to know each other by using the app. For example, you already know that the other person is a great beach lover or a car enthusiast just like you. You have something to talk about right away, the connection is already made. This doesn’t only makes the meeting very enjoyable but also extremely valuable. The result: in-depth conversations and the emergence of new and real friendships between players, which often become long lasting. Match It plays the role of a match-maker in situations where people are not familiar and comfortable enough with each other to make connections by themselves. It can play an important role in preventing the threat of loneliness.

Used by

  • Match-it is used by organizations working within the social domain, such as care and welfare organizations, to strengthen the social network of their clients and / or target group
  • Match-it is also used within HR to introduce new employees in a pleasant way to the team or to get to know each other better


  • iOS/Android app


  • Easy to meet new people
  • Conversation starter
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Content easy to adjust
  • Available in every language

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