EduMais PPG Game Studio is born

Day 2 of week 3 involves practicing the art of game design and developing games. The different groups exchange assignments to each other. Dev needs assets that the art team creates and the dev team builds new maze maps created by the game design team. It feels as if there is a studio in the making.

Summary of day 2 of week 3.

Developing the games.

Creating the assets.

Game Design research.

Fernando Chamis and Yves Albuquerque from Webcore Games inspired the students what running a game studio is about. The students fired questions at these experienced professionals to learn everything about being a game designer.

Author: Jurriaan van Rijswijk

Jurriaan van Rijswijk is Applied Game Architect for 25 years. He develops game strategies and designs behavior change with games for among others healthcare professionals, therapies for patients with chronic illnesses, mental and emotional health therapies, lifestyle interventions and rehabilitation. He developed and produced hundreds of applied games and game concepts. Many of his games won various awards and/or are clinically and/or scientifically validated. Furthermore, Jurriaan is founder and chairman of the Games for Health Europe Foundation. The Games for Health Europe Foundation is the largest worldwide networking ecosystem of people, companies and institutes for research, development and implementation of games within the health ecosystem. In 2014 Jurriaan won the ICT Personality of the Year Award. This award is an acknowledgement for a person who stimulate and impactful applies and implements the use of ICT for the benefit of profit and non-profit organizations as well as governmental organisations.

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