Facilitates contact and conversations with companions

Chronic illness has huge impact on your life. The burden of the disease hinders daily life. You can easily feel that you are facing it alone, when that is not actually true. There are always other people experiencing the same thing and some with their own strategies for dealing with the problems associated with the disease. Companions helps people deal with chronic disease and in turn improves the quality of life.

This is how it works

Companions helps patients cope with their chronic illness better by providing insight into the general experience of the burden associated with the illness, and by matching them with others who are undergoing the same. Companions maps out this hardship through friendly chats. It offers exercises and practical tips that will help you deal with the disease better and it keeps a record of things that work and those that do not, as well as the periods or moments when you feel better (or worse) and what you actually did at that time.

Using those experiences as the basis, Companions compares and matches you with others who are suffering the same discomforts. This brings people together to share their experiences, to learn from each other or simply offer each other a friendly ear and someone who understands.

When Companions has found a match, you can meet and offer each other a friendly ear and practical tips, because you have the same disorder and can understand each other’s situation. Companions helps by providing insight and practical tips and, above all, it offers access to others who have something in common with you, because they are experiencing the same problems. And that makes it more than just a practical tool. Companions opens doors and offers access to others, and hopefully reduces your personal burden.

Used by

  • Hospitals
  • Treatment providers for (chronically) ill patients
  • Patient organizations


  • iOS / Android
  • Smartphone, Tablet, PC, TV

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