Presenting your work

Today is the last day of the third week. The teachers and students of all four subjects: game design, art, programming and marketing presented what they have learned and what they have created.

Itś amazing to experience that teachers and students who never have created, designed, market nor programmed a game within 3 days manage to do so. Also they adapt all kinds of very creative methods to explain abstract subjects and tasks like for example what a variable in computer language actually is. Cynthia Dias was able to capture Miguel explaining to his co-teachers how a variable works.

This afternoon all the lesson plans will get finished and with that we will wrap-up the course. Next week will be exiting to bring everything learned into practice in the Game Jame we will organize.

We will continue to post the progress of the Summer Course and finish this one with the interview of Alex Aguirre who is a EduMais volunteer from Ecuador. Today she celebrates her 28th birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX. All students and teachers sang the happy birthday song for her after Sandra very creatively initiated to passed on Happy Birthday Alex in the Chineese Telefone game they played this morning. Players form a line or circle, and the first player comes up with a message and whispers it to the ear of the second person in the line. The second player repeats the message to the third player, and so on. Chinese telephone or Chinese whispers is a very old game. One story is that it originates from the soldiers at the Chinese wall that had to pass on messages for hundreds of miles. And don´t we all know that the story changes when many different people pass it on. For a play very funny, but for protecting a country it can be fatal.

Author: Jurriaan van Rijswijk

Jurriaan van Rijswijk is Applied Game Architect for 25 years. He develops game strategies and designs behavior change with games for among others healthcare professionals, therapies for patients with chronic illnesses, mental and emotional health therapies, lifestyle interventions and rehabilitation. He developed and produced hundreds of applied games and game concepts. Many of his games won various awards and/or are clinically and/or scientifically validated. Furthermore, Jurriaan is founder and chairman of the Games for Health Europe Foundation. The Games for Health Europe Foundation is the largest worldwide networking ecosystem of people, companies and institutes for research, development and implementation of games within the health ecosystem. In 2014 Jurriaan won the ICT Personality of the Year Award. This award is an acknowledgement for a person who stimulate and impactful applies and implements the use of ICT for the benefit of profit and non-profit organizations as well as governmental organisations.

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