Day 3: First game concepts are a fact!

Today the students created the first Educational Game Concepts: whoooppp whoooop. PARTY

The day started with a Game Design Class by Ellis Bartholomeus – better known as Ellis in Wonderland. The workshop was parallel translated by Marcelo Vasconcellos. Both Marcelo and Ellis are friends of Games for Health since the first conference in 2011. So great they are willing voluntarily contribute to this Game Design Course.

After the Game Design Class all students worked on an educational game with the topic of learning English using the various canvasses provided by Ellis Bartholomeus. This very quick generated some powerful insights for English to be seen as a an escape from reality and daily live. Students strongly believe that learning English can provide them with the ability to progress in a professional career and even to be able to escape the Favela and Brasil. But if you ask them if they like the life they live they tend to love it. So there is some work to be done discovering these various views.

Serious Game Design is a tough cookie and hard work. After an hour of Serious Game Concept Design the students relaxed with some ball games. I think ball games originates in Brasil. The ease how students use a ball amazes me every time.

Serious Game Design requires attention and concentration. Not naturally given by every person. Nevertheless all 7 groups finished the Game Design Canvas with some very creative and profound insights.

Afternoon was disseminating the Game Design Concepts into a blog that will be published by the students themselves. The authors of each blog are one or two team member of each group.

The same time the Bloggers were writing on communicating the Game Concepts the other group practiced for a dance and yell that will be used for the trailer of this course and future communications. The yell is: Game Design at EduMais!!!!

No matter what. This course is designed for students from the PPG Favela in Rio de Janeiro and facilitated by EduMais. And no matter what: if it put a smile on these students faces we know we contribute!

Author: Jurriaan van Rijswijk

Jurriaan van Rijswijk is Applied Game Architect for 25 years. He develops game strategies and designs behavior change with games for among others healthcare professionals, therapies for patients with chronic illnesses, mental and emotional health therapies, lifestyle interventions and rehabilitation. He developed and produced hundreds of applied games and game concepts. Many of his games won various awards and/or are clinically and/or scientifically validated. Furthermore, Jurriaan is founder and chairman of the Games for Health Europe Foundation. The Games for Health Europe Foundation is the largest worldwide networking ecosystem of people, companies and institutes for research, development and implementation of games within the health ecosystem. In 2014 Jurriaan won the ICT Personality of the Year Award. This award is an acknowledgement for a person who stimulate and impactful applies and implements the use of ICT for the benefit of profit and non-profit organizations as well as governmental organisations.

7 thoughts on “Day 3: First game concepts are a fact!

  1. Johanna says:

    Wat ontzettend snel leren kinderen toch en ze hebben er zo’n plezier in. Een feest om naar te kijken.

  2. Chretien Robben says:

    Ik zie trapmuurtjes met Engelse woorden die weggeschoten moeten worden voor me! Met de traptechniek van die Kids leren ze dan snel een hoop woorden! Zonder dollen, wat een prachtig initiatief. Ben heel benieuwd naar de uitkomst.

    1. Martijn Loijen says:

      What a great way to learn the children these kind of courses. It is really Nice to see how they enjoy it.
      I Think it is also really inspiring to teach these children for the teachers!

      Keep the good work up!

  3. Umberto França says:

    Parabéns aos voluntários e a todos os envolvidas!

  4. Jessica Polanen says:

    Dit gaat de kids heel erg lang bij blijven! Wat een verrijking. Heel benieuwd naar de volgende blog. Machtig project!

  5. Cynthia Dias says:

    Congratulations! Such beautiful achievements, the work, the play and the smiles! =)


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